Reports Cloud BEST

New availability of access to the BEST Software report generator via an internet browser.


1- Available from version 16, ask about promotions to get an upgrade to version 16 to have this new feature in addition to all the latest functions and software optimization.


2- Keep your databases locally for regular use by adding synchronization of your databases in real time including the backup copy of your data in the event of equipment failure at your business.


3- No longer be restricted by the performance of your equipment to generate your daily, weekly, monthly, annual and multiple year reports all exportable in pdf and csv and printable.


4- Have access to your data from anywhere outside your business via the internet.


5- Give access with or without restriction to your accountant, banker, partner, etc ...


6- Management of multiple businesses with the creation of a business group and the possibility of creating accesses depending on the businesses visible or not.


7- Your ideas are always welcome we are attentive to the needs of traders who is best positioned to know what are the needs to give you the management tools.


Included in the monthly payment: (Monthly payment starting at $ 75)

- The software update of the new version every year

- A backup copy of your data in the event of a breakdown

- 24/7 access

- User access at the same time

- The creation of Headquarters for the consolidation and management of multiple businesses

- All new functionality related to report generators


* The monthly rates may vary and change without notice, however we will not increase the monthly payments of already active accounts.


** Update fees to version 16 extra included thereafter


*** Launch promotion discussed with one of our representatives


**** Flexible pricing for multiple businesses

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